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If you owned an arcade back in 1992, Midway probably sent you this video promoting Mortal Kombat

by: Nathan -
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Man time flies. I remember playing this when I was 5 years old in the arcades. Here I am, 30 years old and my love of Mortal Kombat hasn't diminished a bit. In fact, I am on a Mortal Kombat kick as of late because my hype levels are starting to go up. If Netherealm Studios continues their current pattern, Mortal Kombat 11 should be announced in few months, with the game being released in Spring of 2019. 

Anyways, image a time when Scorpion and Sub-Zero weren't some of the most famous characters in gaming history. Imagine a time when no one knew what a Fatality was. Imagine a time where there was about to be outrage about violence in games which would lead to the creation of the ESRB. Yup it was 1992 and Mortal Kombat started making it way into arcades across the country, but arcade owners would have to buy the machine. That's where this video came into play. This was a promotional video that Midway sent to arcades to encourage them to buy the machine. Watch as the narrator explains how the game works, including sweeps, uppercuts and secret moves, complete with cheesy 90's video transitions. 

It's also funny how they describe that the machine owners can flip dip switches that allow them to "disable the games most graphic secret moves". Of course we all those would be the infamous Fatalities that Mortal Kombat is known for. I would assume that not many arcade owners disabled the blood or secret moves because let's be honest, back then, it's what the game was infamous for. It's what we all wanted. 

Video courtesy of YourMKArcadeSource