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Banner Saga 3's Bolverk isn't here to make friends

by: Randy -
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Summer is coming, and with it comes Banner Saga 3. This will conclude the Nordic tactical strategy game trilogy. The series never took off in the way I thought it would, despite its 1959 Disney classic Sleeping Beauty looks, despite its Oregon Trail mass exodus overworld, and despite its smart and tough battlefield tactics. I don't know what to tell you. It should've hit 1 million sold in the first year, as far as I'm concerned, but that never happened. 

In this video, you meet (or reacquaint yourself with) Bolverk, leader of the Ravens, a roughneck splinter group of the good guy side of things. It made me very, very nervous having Bolverk on my team in Banner Saga 2. That is, until I got to take his band in a different direction on the map, allowing me to explore a more grimdark approach to dealing with the game's Dredge and overarching Viking apocalypse.

Regardless, developer Stoic won't leave the story unfinished, since it's an honest-to-goodness trilogy. It's been a long time coming. I think it was even one of the first games to make me take a sidelong look at being a father to a (then) baby girl. This was before every God of War and Assassin's Creed decided that being a dad was the next logical step in the series.

Banner Saga 3 unfurls on PC in Summer 2018.