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Kingdom Come is gorgeous and memorable, say video game critics

by: Randy -
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I'm not usually one to post accolade trailers—you know, the kind that just flash nice, canned phrases on the screen from different publications over top game footage? Phrases like, "A true role-playing game," or, "Gorgeous," or simply, "Memorable." But you know what else? Kingdom Come: Deliverance is certainly all those things. It's not the publisher's fault these accolade trailers have to reduce thousands-of-words-long reviews down to one or two adjectives.

As an exercise in self-promotion, here are a few phrases from my review of Kingdom Come [GN score 9 out of 10] that developer Warhorse Studios is free to use on their next accolades trailer:

"Often messy."

"Will break down your hero complex."

"Scrambling over dirt and brambles for my godforsaken life."

"An achievement, even when it trips itself up."

"Will humble you with WASD gymnastics."

"Isn't here to make your life easier."

But anyway, enjoy this accolades trailer that has words like "Gorgeous" and "Memorable" splashed on it. Kingdom Come has only been out for one month, but it's taken up a lot of game time for me. In fact, it just passed the amount of hours I've put into Skyrim – Special Edition. It hasn't surpassed my combined Skyrim hours across three platforms (Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PC), let's not get crazy. But Kingdom Come will no doubt be one of the defining games of 2018 for me.

Warhorse Studios is still patching away. They're up to 1.3.1 now. Hope they keep it up. The game got knocked a lot of points across the board at launch for having mission-critical glitches and bugs everywhere. But this is nonetheless a stellar achievement for a little indie studio that dreamed big.