Full version of Wii Opera Browser now available

by: Sean Colleli -
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That's right, you can finally upgrade that beta to the read deal, after a quick firmware update and a trip to the Wii shopping channel.  The full version of the Opera browser has several new and useful features, such as better scrolling and an integrated search bar.  I played around with it and it's pretty slick, but a USB keyboard would still make it a much more enjoyable experience.  The full browser will be free until June, when it'll go on sale for 500 Wii points ($5 USD), so grab it now. 
Nintendo News: Full Internet Channel Now Available for Wii
    Search, surf and shop with family and friends, all from the comfort of
your living room with the Internet Channel on Wii(TM). Featuring a number of
enhancements to improve the user experience as well as a host of added extras,
the full version of the Internet Channel powered by Opera is now available for 
free download across North America.
    Fans of the innovative Wii channels already will be familiar with the
Internet Channel, which delivers their high-speed Internet access via their
television sets.  Based on feedback from Wii owners, Nintendo has created a
new and enhanced version of the browser featuring improvements to the user
experience as well as a performance upgrade.
    Users of the trial version will notice the improved usability of the full
version.  The browser now features a manual zoom, in addition to the automatic
mode available in the previous version, allowing more viewing flexibility.
When zooming in and out of a page, text is kept crisp and readable at all
sizes.  The new version of the Internet Channel also features improved
scrolling functionality, as well as the collapsible toolbars and multiple
on-screen cursors.
    As search functions have become an essential part of our everyday Internet
experience, the Internet Channel now features a built-in function allowing
users to search without having to select a search engine each time.  Wii
owners are given the choice of either Google or Yahoo! Search as a
pre-selected search engine to power their built-in search button.  The
selection can be changed at any time, or a different search engine can be used
by typing in that search engine's address.  Users also will have the ability
to easily access Nintendo, Yahoo!, Google and My Opera from pre-loaded
    The full version of the Internet Channel is available as a free download
through June 30, after which it will cost 500 Wii Points. Once downloaded, the
Internet Channel is free for the lifetime of the system.
    For more information about Wii, please visit Wii.com