Red Vs. Blue Episodes on XBLM

by: Dan -
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The first five episodes of red vs. Blue are now available for download to your Xbox 360 from Xbox Live Marketplace. Each episode is available in All Xbox Live regions and costs 80 MS points. Thanks to Major Nelson for the info. The details after the jump:
Name: Episode 01 - Why Are We Here?
Dash Details: The first episode of Red vs. Blue introduces the main characters, and poses the all-important question, why are we here?
Size: 77.7 MB (Approx.)

Name: Episode 02 - Red Gets a Delivery
Dash Details: The Reds get a new piece of equipment, and Grif has a problem with its name.
Size: 109.2 MB (Approx.)

Name: Episode 03 - The Rookies
Dash Details: The Red and Blue armies get new recruits.
Size: 94.5 MB (Approx.)

Name: Episode 04 - Head Noob in Charge
Dash Details: Caboose is given the job of "guarding the flag". Donut goes to the store.
Size: 136.3 MB (Approx.)

Name: Episode 05 - The Package is in the Open
Dash Details: Donut returns from the store with a surprise.
Size: 118.1 MB (Approx.)