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News Roundup: There Is Only Halo 3

by: Randy -
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  • Why are the V-MODA Vibe Red Roxx Earphones the best earphones Legit Reviews has ever used?
  • Case closed!  3DXtreme takes a look at the cool (in every sense of the word) Thermaltake Bach VX Mid-Tower Case.
  • WarCry chats with the makers of Asian-import MMO, Tales of Pirates, as it prepares for its debut on American shores.
  • GamersInfo strings together a series of interviews leading up to the IMGDC conference this weekend, with this one talking about sex in MMOs.
  • Remember that weird goth girl in your science classes that was always saying how she like the taste of blood?  Well, it tastes like Vigil Blood Bitterness.  (You at least gotta check out the Frank Miller-esque artwork, though.)
Thanks to Legit Reviews, Strategy Informer, 3DXtreme, WarCry, AtomicGamer, and GamersInfo.net for today's News Roundup.