New Alien Hominid Content on Live

by: Dan -
More On: Xbox Live
Released to Xbox Live Marketplace today for your Xbox 360 were two new picture packs and brand new levels for Alien Hominid. The Classic Picture Pack and Boss picture pack can both be had for 100 MS points, while the 100 new PDA levels can be had for a measly 150 MS points. These downloads are available in all Xbox Live regions. Thanks to Major Nelson for the info.  See attached for details:
NameAlien Hominid HD - PDA Hot New Levels
Dash Details: These brand new, never before seen levels are hand crafted by The Behemoth and Newgrounds. These levels are guaranteed to keep you and your console busy for days! This pack contains 100 new PDA levels.

Name: Alien Hominid HD - Classic Picture Pack 1
Dash Details: He's small, he's yellow, and most importantly he's on your 360! This 5 pack of Gamer Pictures features a series of characters from the hit title Alien Hominid HD. Make your console happy again!

Name: Alien Hominid HD - Pudding Boss Picture Pack
Dash Details: This picture pack contains the Award Winning Pudding Boss, the Fat Kid, and Screaming FBI Agent along with some serious attitude. Purchase this pack today and share your Pudding love! This pack contains 5 Gamer Pictures.