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Alliance Alive demo now alive on Nintendo eShop

by: Eric -
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I’ve been keeping an eye on The Alliance Alive, the new JRPG being published on March 27th by Atlus USA. The game looks fantastic, with story work from the creator of Suikoden, game design by Kyoji Koizumi (SaGa Frontier, Unlimitied SaGa), and direction from Masataka Matsuura (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon). This is a JRPG dream-team project, and judging from the pedigree it carries, it may well be a new classic.

Gamers don’t have to wait for March 27th to try the game though, as a demo is now live on 3DS in the Nintendo eShop. According to Atlus, “In the demo, you'll be able to experience the very first steps of Galil and Azura's adventure as they set out from The Rain Realm in search of a blue sky and get a taste of The Alliance Alive's unique turn-based battle system. Additionally, if you complete the demo, you'll earn a bonus of up to 4,000 Talent Points to help build up your characters' abilities quickly once you start your adventure in the full game.”

Man, I love demos that give me cool goodies when I start the actual game. The Alliance Alive is now available for pre-order, and the physical edition of the game comes with an art book, a CD soundtrack, and a keychain, all for the regular price of $39.99.

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