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Elium - Prison Escape is being released today on Steam.

by: Dave -
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Elium - Prison Escape is a realistic sword-fighting action game set in a challenging and unforgiving prison environment in a medieval setting. The main goal of the game, of course, is to find an escape from the prison you find yourself in. You can also use stealth to take your enemies from the shadows or use distractions to sneak past the guards.

In our hands-on with the game, we found the tutorial to be useful in teaching the aspects of both forthright combat and stealth tactics. Things went quickly downhill after the tutorial - we (by which I mean me) are horribly bereft of the motor skills that go into successful sword-fighting and far too impatient to have any better results with a stealth strategy. This is not the game's fault, mind you; despite the frustration of dying at the hands of the very first real opponent and being thrown back to the opening scenes, we kept going back for more of the same abuse. The game felt well put together, although a few save points early on would have mitigated the pain of the repetitive failures.

Elium - Prison Escape is available for the PC on Steam as of today.

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