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Ubisoft reveals Inside Eden’s Gate, a Far Cry 5 short film

by: Eric -
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Ubisoft announced today that they will be releasing a new short film, Inside Eden’s Gate, inspired by Far Cry 5 and available to stream exclusively via Amazon Prime on March 5.

The film, which is about 30 minutes long, was produced by Asylum Entertainment (a subsidiary of Legendary, who make big important movies). Inside Eden’s Gate will give gamers their first extended look at actor Greg Bryk as Far Cry 5 villain Joseph Seed (the in-game character and the real guy are uncannily similar in appearance). There are a few other familiar faces in the cast, including Kyle Gallner, who was driving me nuts when I saw the film recently, because I knew I recognized him (I eventually realized that he played Beaver on Veronica Mars).

The story of the film is pretty simple, but effective. Some video-blogger-types get wind of people going missing in Hope County, Montana. In the reckless manner of most horror film protagonists, they rush to Hope County, only to stumble upon Joseph Seed and the Project at Eden’s Gate cult. Typical vlogger vs. cultist hijinks ensue. There’s some blue-chemical-drugging, there’s some crossbow-face-shooting, there’s some seductive-preacher-brainwashing.

The key reason to check this film out is to get a feel for the villainous Seed family dynamic, and to get a look at the in-game characters’ real-life counterparts (which will give you a new level of respect for the level of detail that Ubisoft puts into their character design). There are also some character background tidbits revealed in this short that may or may not be in the final game. These are some seriously bad bad-guys, but the writers and actors have clearly gone out of their way to humanize these villains.

For those who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Far Cry 5, this film is a pretty good way to get a taste of the game’s vibe. It’s still Far Cry, but it might not be quite what you expect. This is a game that people are going to be talking about, so check out the film and get a jump on the conversation.