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Seizure Warning - Check out this jarring trailer for Radiation Island, now out on Switch

by: Eric -
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For a little-known survival game, Atypical Games’ Radiation Island has surprisingly strong ratings on Steam and the Apple Store. Originally released as an iOS title, the game eventually made its way to Steam, and is now releasing on Nintendo Switch for $9.99.

Players are free to explore the titular island, which is littered with abandoned villages and military bases. There are wild animals to hunt, and of course, there are zombies. The end goal is just to survive, hunting and gathering food, crafting weapons, and seeking out treasures amidst a variety of obstacles: “radiation, anomalies, harsh weather and enraged zombies.” The game seems to have a slight Fallout vibe, which is never a bad thing.

This trailer mostly caught my attention due to the choppy editing on display, but I have to admit some curiosity about this title. Many of the online reviews contain the phrase “diamond in the rough”, which is just the sort of game that I enjoy. If anyone has played this thing, leave a comment and let us all know how it is!

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