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Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One arrives next week

by: Rob -
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Beyond is the 3rd season in Elite: Dangerous' expansion history and will be free for all players February 27th. It will add community-requested enhancements and new in-game content. The crime and punishment system is getting an overhaul to improve the response to players’ criminal activities in attempt to make the MMO more competitive.
The new Advance Tactical Response will be hunting repeat offenders, and crimes will be attached to ships, creating ‘Hot Ships’, with new notoriety levels leading to increased consequences for illegal activities. This should open up a new avenue of difficulty for experienced  pilots. 
Also being added is GalNet Audio. Now news and the latest updates can be easily accessible in game, with no need to leave the immersion. The season also brings added content to Elite Dangerous Horizons owners with the introduction of new contacts, tech brokers. These dealers of rare tools and technologies open up new items based on a player's personal narrative and experience. Material traders will also allow players to convert and exchange materials, opening up engineering and making missions with the tech brokers more accessible. 
Beyond - Chapter One also adds a trade data overlay to track down the most profitable trades in the galaxy, changes to engineering mechanics and improved crafting, an overhaul of mission rewards, and a new combat ship, The Chieftain, to directly respond to the new Thargoid threat.
Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One is a free update on PC, PS4 and Xbox One; available February 27th. 

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