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Muddy monster hunter, Hunt: Showdown, hits Early Access

by: Randy -
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The Dirty South monster hunter, Hunt: Showdown, is out of closed beta and now on Steam Early Access. For $29.99, you'll head into a Crytek-powered PvP sandbox populated with actual monsters and, let's be real, other human players who'll be the real monsters.

I like what I see, though. Poor, shack-like dwellings, swampy backyards, fire, fog, moonlight, iron sights on the guns, no mini maps. Pick up some bounties and other loot along the way. This stuff gets me going.

The video showcases actual player's chatting with their team during gameplay. The monsters are key to the whole setup, but it's far more interesting watching the players PvP all over each other.

Hunt: Showdown hits Early Access on PC today, February 22.

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