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The quietly popular Northgard officially launches next month with new single-player campaign

by: Randy -
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Northgard, which quietly became one of my favorite strategy games from last year, launches out of Early Access on March 7. That's a couple weeks away. A new single-player campaign is the biggest proclamation coming out of this launch. The vanilla Civilization-style rando game sessions are 100 percent solid in their construction. But it will be cool to follow this new protagonist, Rig, on a tale of revenge through the crafted continent of Northgard in an 11-chapter campaign.

Now, I understand, looking at screenshots and videos of Northgard may not be the most convincing argument. The game isn't over the top. It's not pushing graphical limitations or wowing people with bombastic cinematics. What the trailers aren't showing, though, is the white-knuckled panic that pairs up with the deceptively sedate landscapes and animations. The trailers also don't convey the well-paced and board gamey nature of its gameplay. You'll win some and you'll lose some, but I'm most impressed with how every uncovered tile of land presents interesting but tough choices for you and your Viking clan. 

Northgard launches March 7 on PC.

Northgard launches out of Steam Early Access on March 7

Developer Shiro Games set to release hit Viking strategy game with new single player campaign, latest trailer shows first details

Bordeaux, France - 19th of February, 2018 - The hit Viking strategy game Northgard will officially launch out of Steam Early Access on the 7th of March, 2018. The official release will include a brand new campaign, which adds to the already available six clans, single player and multiplayer modes. Northgard will retail on Steam for €27.99 / $29.99 / £23.79.

A new trailer showing the single player campaign can be viewed here.

In the new campaign spanning 11 chapters, players follow the saga of Rig, who sets out to avenge the murder of his father, the High King of the Vikings, and investigate the theft of the Regal Horn. The pursuit of the murderer and thief Hagen brings Rig, and his trusted friend and right-hand man Brand, to the undiscovered and mysterious continent of Northgard. New friends await to be made, and foes to be slain, but Rig’s journey to Northgard will make him discover a much greater threat than Hagen, as well as the dark motives behind his father’s assassination.

Northgard mixes exploration, village building, resource management, clan diplomacy and tactical combat set in a mythical world infused with Norse mythology and filled with giants, wyverns and undead warriors. Since launching into Steam Early Access on February 22nd, 2017, Northgard has proved popular with strategy fans, selling over 600,000 copies. Development on the game has continued non-stop with numerous updates bringing three new clans, new units and mythological beasts to encounter, a multiplayer mode with dedicated servers, as well as a host of smaller features and refinements.

The release of Northgard will allow players to:

Build your settlement on the newly discovered continent of Northgard

Grow the village by assigning Vikings to various jobs (Farmer, Warrior, Sailor, Loremaster)

Choose between six different Viking clans, each with unique benefits, buildings and units

Manage your resources carefully to survive the harsh winters and vicious foes

Expand and discover new territory with unique strategic opportunities

Achieve different victory conditions such as Conquest, Fame, Lore and Trading

Play against your friends or against an AI with different difficulty levels in single player or multiplayer modes.

Follow the brave Viking Rig in his quest for vengeance in a brand-new single player campaign that spans over 11 chapters.

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