Big PSVR content sale on the PSN to coincide with the hardware bundle sales

by: Rob -
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A few days ago I reported on the $100 discounts across the board for PSVR bundles. Well what's a fancy new piece of hardware with a library of games to go with it? Fret not, Sony has you covered. To partner with the hardware sale, the PSN has a number of top titles at deep discounts. You will need a PS Plus subscription to take advantage, but really, you should have that already. If you're doing any decent amount of gaming on PS4, PS Plus is a great value. It unlocks certain multiplayer contents, gives better discounts on just about every sale, and while the free monthly games don't knock it out of the park every time*, there is a ton of value to be had there over the course of the year. 

There are some big names in this sale at moderate discounts, but there are a few real gems there at fantastic prices. My personal highlights:

Game PS Plus Price Discount
Doom VFR $20.99 30%
Skyrim VR $41.99 30%
100ft Robot Golf $4.99 75%
Star Trek Bridge Crew $24.99 50%
Arizona Sunshine $19.99 50%
Archangel $8.99 70%
PlayStation VR Worlds $5.99 70%
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood* $5.99 70%

* Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was even a free PS Plus game a month or two ago.

There's more to check out on the PSN store.

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