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Four new playable African and Arabian nations invading Total War: Rome II

by: Randy -
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If you want to get wrecked—or do some wrecking—by/with some 3rd century North African and Middle Eastern nations, Total War: Rome II – Desert Kingdoms is here to oblige. There's Nabatea west of Egypt, Kush south of Egypt, and Saba at the southern end of the Red Sea, which fall under the African and Arabian subculture. Masaesyli (sail south from Spain, France, or Italy and you can't miss 'em) is of Numidian origin. These are four new playable factions. They're bringing plenty of elephants, camels, spears, and bow-and-arrow support into the fray.

All I know is, back when I was deep into the first Rome: Total War, if I was playing an Italian house, it was often bad news by the time I reached Africa and Arabia. I've come late to the Total War: Rome II party. Only snagged it during the Steam Winter Sale after years of threatening myself to get it. But it's one I'm enjoying now. Well, outside of real game-breaking bugs I've run into—game-breaking bugs that somehow still exist nearly five years after launch. 

The Total War: Rome II – Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack launches March 8 and retails for $8.99. This brings Rome II's total DLC (there are 12 other DLCs) to $111.88, not including the $59.95 base game, which you'll need in order to play Desert Kingdoms.

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