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Full patch notes for Rainbow Six: Siege's Operation Chimera released

by: Nathan -
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The full list of Patch Notes for Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Chimera have been released and there is a ton of great stuff here. First up are the two new Operators, Finka and Lion, both of which are attackers from Russia and France respectively. 

Twice per match, Finka can buff the entire team by giving them health, can revive them from a downed but not out position, and can pretty much eliminate their recoil. This ability also reduces the effects of enemy gadgets like concussion grenades and flash grenades. The ability can also overcharge an allies health over the 100HP threshold like Doc can with his Stim pistol. This sounds pretty over powered but there are a ton of counters to this. Stepping on a Lesion mine or getting hit by the Echo Drone will completely wipe out the buff. Since your heart is beating faster while utilizing the buff, you will make more damage and will take damage faster from Smoke's gas grenades and you will be detected by Pulse's heartbeat sensor from further away. 

The second attacker Lion has a recon drone that can't be destroyed by defenders and can be used three times per match. Upon activation a three second countdown will be seen by both the attackers and defenders. At the end of the three seconds, any defenders that are moving completely visible to the attackers. Basically, it's a wall hack. There are ways to avoid being seen such as standing next to a mute jammer when the drone activates or by standing completely still. You can still crouch, turn, aim down sights and fire your weapon and you won't be seen, but the second you move you will be detected. 

These new Operators are going to completely change the meta of the game as these are abilities that we have never seen before and I cannot wait to see how the game will change once they are available to everyone. 

Next up is the big new limited game mode, Outbreak, which is a Left 4 Dead type game mode where you will need to complete objectives and take down hoards of Alien invaders with two other teammates. So I guess it's Left 3 Dead... with aliens. Anyways, there are three maps you can play and ten Operators will be available to use including Finka and Lion. The game mode will only be available from March 6th - April 3rd.

There are a number of other changes as well including a major nerf to Ela including her damage output and a recoil increase. Now for the best part of the patch notes. Possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened to the game. The casual map pool is being changed. Yacht is being added back again and the god awful map which everyone hates, Bartlett U is being removed. The main problem with Bartlett U is that it was extremely difficult to enter seeing as there is only one door on the entire building. To enter building near a majority of the objectives, you either needed to repel into a window or enter a window on the bottom floor. This is difficult because it makes tons of noise, gives away your location and there are tons of places for Defenders to hide and pick you off as soon as you enter. 

Be sure to check out the trailers for the new Operators and Operation Outbreak to see them all in action. 

For a full list of the patch notes, be sure to check out Rainbow Six Siege's official website. 

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