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Moss adventures onto PS VR next week!

by: Eric -
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In a very brief news release today, Polyarc announced that their adorable mouse adventure game Moss would release next Tuesday, February 27, 2018. I checked out the demo on the PS VR Demo Disc 2 late last year, and found it to be engaging and fun. The little mouse (who goes by the name Quill, and not "Moss", by the way) is beyond cute when you see him in action in VR, lending a real sense of life to the game. And of course, VR gives the entire game a feeling of scale that you just can't get in standard gaming.

This new trailer gives us a slightly wider look at her world than we've had so far. I love all of the statues of mouse heroes lurking in the backgrounds. It would seem that the little mouse comes from a long line of adventurers, and I'm excited to accompany Quill on her adventure (yes, Quill is a girl). More details on Moss are available here, at the PlayStation Blog.