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de Blob is coming to de Nintendo Switch

by: Nicholas -
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de Blob, AKA Splatoon before it was Splatoon, is coming back, ten years since its release, to the Nintendo Switch.

Originally launched for Nintendo Wii and iOS in 2008, de Blob sees players bringing Chroma City back to its colorful roots after the INKT Corporation has declared color illegal. 

The Switch version will have four-player splitscreen in eight modes of multiplayer. 

Taking a look at the trailer for the game, it looks to have retained its original aesthetic from 10 years ago. The thing I'm not so sure about is how much the developers have updated things like graphics and other mechanics. 

I'm not saying they need to, of course, because the game's art style does more than a good job conveying the a joyous tone while still exerting pressure on the player to rescue Chroma City from the clutches of neoliberal economics gone too far.

Now, if only they'd remaster The Saboteur.

de Blob is launching on Nintendo Switch sometime this year. 

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