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Ricin, Anthrax, Sarin Gas, Ebola, Chimera Viruses, just another day for team Rainbow Six

by: Nathan -
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The Rainbow Six: Siege Invitational is currently underway and Ubisoft has finally revealed the two new operators coming with Operation Chimera, Finka and Lion. 

Finka is a 2 speed 2 armor attacker. Before the operation begins, every friendly operator is injected with Finka's special Nanobots. Upon activation, the team receives a boost of health, speed and can steady their aim. It also says that it "gets them back on their feet" so I assume that means it can revive them from a downed but not out position like Doc's stim shot. 

Lion is a 2 speed 2 armor defender. He has a gadget called the EE-One-D which allows him to survey the surrounding area and detect movement. The description says it's to "see if someone is breaking quarantine, curfew or perimeter. So it sounds like he will be able to detect when Attackers are outside of the room Defenders are trying to protect. 

Be sure to check out the full bio's and loadouts of the new operators on Rainbow Six: Siege's official website.

If you are interested in checking out Rainbow Six: Siege, the game is also having another free weekend from February 15th - February 20th

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