Grab your potatoes, Matt Damon, because there’s a new Surviving Mars trailer!

by: Eric -
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Its sad that I won’t let this Matt Damon thing go when it comes to reporting on Surviving Mars, isn’t it? I suppose that I could start making some Ice Cube jokes. There’s also Gary Sinese, Liev Schrieber, Arnold, the entire cast of Mars Attacks…the list goes on and on. But for some reason, my brain is stuck on stupid and can’t get past Matt Damon and his potatoes.

Anyhow, Paradox has released an awesome new trailer for their cool strategy/survival sim Surviving Mars. The extremely clever trailer touches on several gameplay features in the form of a newscast on the Martian colony. Surviving Mars looks like a lively base-building simulation with a fun sci-fi aesthetic and a tongue planted lightly in its cheek.

Surviving Mars releases on March 13th. Here’s a breakdown of the various pre-order options:

  • Standard Edition - Game, plus Stellaris-themed domes and OST for pre-orders
  • Deluxe Edition - All of the above, plus extra in-game radio station, new housing styles and utility building styles; PC Deluxe Version includes digital art book and wallpaper
  • First Colony Edition - All of the above plus Season Pass: 2 expansions and 2 content packs to come

I think that this game looks super cool, and the more I see, the more excited I get. When it releases, I promise not to post an image of Matt Damon. Maybe. Actually, I probably will, if I'm being honest.