Pugilists! Octopi! Mad Scientists! Knockout League now available for all major VR platforms

by: Eric -
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Continuing today’s unexpected “VR games that are good exercise” theme, cross-platform boxing game Knockout League (VR) has arrived on all major VR platforms (PlayStation VR, Oculus, HTC Vive).

Developed by Grab Games, in partnership with HTC’s Vive studios, Knockout League spent most of the last year in Steam’s Early Access program, getting regular updates and allowing player feedback to help them sand off the edges. The final product offers 9 unique (and seemingly crazy) opponent characters, each with their own move-set and behaviors.

In addition to the headline fights, the game includes a training area where players can work to improve their strength and stamina. There is a calorie counter, which the company is tracking globally. According to the release materials, “Players in PC Early Access have already burned over 3.5 million calories! That amounts to about 1,000 lbs!”. Sounds good to me.

Vive Studios is showing real forward thinking in developing this game for all VR platforms. While it might seem counterintuitive to develop games to be released on competitors’ systems, the advancement of VR as an overall medium is of utmost importance at this stage in the game. With so many vocal VR haters trolling around the internet, planting a stake in the ground and pronouncing “We’re doing this” earns a lot of credit in my book.

Knockout League is out now, and retails for $29.99 Wear your straps, friends. This seems like an excellent opportunity to whip a controller through your TV.

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