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Well, this sounds fun…Attack of the Earthlings now available on Steam

by: Eric -
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Junkfish Games’ new tactical strategy game looks like a ton of fun. The game seems very much like X-Com, but if the aliens were the good guys, and the humans were the invading force. In Attack of the Earthlings, now available on Steam, players find themselves defending Planet X13 from the evil invading interstellar energy company Galactoil.

Galactoil, headed up by the dastardly Regional Manager Dennis Dickinham (“a man both massively unqualified and massively overpaid”), has landed on Planet X13 in search of new fuel sources, carelessly squishing an indigenous species. Now the savage Swarmers are out for revenge, lurking in corridors and vents, seeking humans to kill and harvest for their body parts. Players (as the Swarmers) mine corpses to be consumed and transformed into new units with specialized roles and abilities.

Resist! Rebel! Destroy Regional Manager Dennis Dickinham!

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