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Spot the 80s References with the Crossing Souls Demo

by: Rob -
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See how many references to the 1980s you can spot in the 50 second YouTube trailer at the end of the post. I'll wait...


Ok? In one play through I had Back to the Future, some Stand By Me, ET, a bit of Frogger and Night of the Living Dead. I'm not sure if Crossing Souls is meant to be a homage as much as simply it utilizes the 1980s as inspiration, but we can all find out for ourselves as, with perhaps the best bit of throwback nostalgia, there is a full demo available on both the PSN for PS4 and Steam for PC

Crossing Souls was created by indie dev Fourattic and publisher Devolver Digital. The demo covers the first few hours and introduces the 5 protagonist friends as they uncover a government conspiracy spurred on by supernatural events in their town. Each of the characters have their own unique skills and combat styles. You can swap them on the fly to match their abilities with the challenge of the moment and fight in real-time, solve puzzles, overcome bosses and play special levels inspired by 80s arcade games. 

Crossing Souls launches on next week on February 13th. It will open at $14.99 and I love that there's a demo to get a taste of what looks like a quirky, outside the box type of game.

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