A look at Rainbow Six Siege's Year Three content, including Operation Chimera and Outbreak

by: Nicholas -
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After that mysterious trailer that dropped a few days ago, I, along with many others, have been wondering just what the deal is with Rainbow Six Siege.

Well, Ubisoft is here to drop some details. 

The story surrounding the Outbreak event takes place in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. When an outbreak forces local authorities to quarantine the entire town, special operators are called in to deal with the threat. The two new operators are from France and Russia, respectively, and no other details have been revealed. 

Outbreak starts on March 6th and ends April 3rd.

Operation Chimera is a new multiplayer event also starting March 6th. Details on this are more scarce, but based on Siege's website it seems like it's linked to Outbreak.

These two events seem to break new ground with Rainbow Six Siege, which I for one am amazed has lasted this long on the market. It'll be interesting how this rolls out. 

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