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Vampyr Webseries Episode 2 showcases the game's visual aesthetic

by: Nicholas -
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If you've read mine or Randy's posts on developer DONTNOD's webseries on their upcoming true emotional social commentary vampire simulator Vampyr, you'll see that they've gone a long way towards perfecting their creative vision for this title. If you haven't seen them, do so now.

Where the first episode focused on how the player becomes the monster, and the third episode showed how NPCs are not just run of the mill programs, the second episode looks at the visual and aural design of London's four districts, and protagonist Jonathan Reid. 

The four districts featured in the game are: Whitechapel, infamous for the Jack the Ripper murders in the previous century, now a home to immigrants; the East End, impoverished and under the control of gangs; the Hospital, home to Jonathan Reid, who is a doctor there; and the West End, the most extravagant of the districts. 

The developers state that they purposefully cast a vagueness to the lighting of the game in order to get the player to question things like "what's that at the end of the alley"? It seems like a good way to get the player actively involved in their own sort of storytelling of the vampiric downfall of Jonathan Reid. 

Vampyr launches Spring 2018.

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