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Vampyr Webseries Episode 3 highlights the impact of taking a life

by: Nicholas -
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In this ever-advancing age of intelligent game design, it is still refreshing to see developers attempting to make great strides in differentiating themselves and their products from their predecessors and competitors. Today, the developers DONTNOD and the publisher Focus Home Interactive released a minidoc on their upcoming vampire simulator Vampyr

As a side note, DONTNOD are also the developers of Life Is Strange

The minidoc shows the cost of taking a human life in a videogame, and how the developers went to great lengths in character design in function to make the player feel the impact they make in more ways than one. 

Probably the most human element of this is that when the player kills someone in the game, they will hear their final thoughts. It may be a moment's fleeting sadness, or many complex, mindful wanderings (I'm waxing poetic because honestly this is just really cool).

To hear the developers in their own words, and watch the visual spectacle that is Vampyr, see below. Vampyr is slated for a spring 2018 release date.

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