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Year of the Dog is bounding into Overwatch very soon

by: Kinsey -
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Don't let us down, Jeff.

It's just about time for the next Overwatch event. The Year of the Dog, the game's Lunar New Year event, seems like it's going to bring some similar things to the table as the Year of the Rooster did. New skins are basically guaranteed. New map decorations? Maybe. We'll see soon enough. Capture the Flag? Not sure; before it was Capture the Rooster, and it wouldn't make much sense to Capture the Rooster in the Year of the Dog.

Maybe not Capture the Dog. Pet the Dog sounds more appropriate.

Jeff Kaplan, as usual, teased that players are going to be very happy with the content that the update will include. But because it's me, and because I will never recover from the great Mercy Nerfs of 2017—nor the immediately ensuing frustration—I'm skeptical. He said we would be thrilled with a lot of other skins we've received, a number of which turned out to be various degrees of hyper-sexualized. I suppose I'm just permanently embittered at this point, but I'm hoping that this is the update that restores my faith.

View the tweet—and the accompanying teaser—here, and be sure to log into the game on February 8.

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