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Kingdom Come: Deliverance tells a brooding Blacksmith's Tale

by: Randy -
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If you thought my hype for Kingdom Come: Deliverance would die down at some point, you were sorely mistaken. This video, A Blacksmith's Tale, opens with dead soldiers lying across a muddy road. The village is burned out, the weather is foreboding, and the language isn't afraid of telling it like it is. Castle walls stand tall but still somehow cower in front of torch-bearing armies that stretch across entire battlefields. And you, a blacksmith's son, now have to don the tools you'd previously only made for others to wear. Now it's war, amidst farms, amidst cathedrals, amidst friends and family. There are tournaments, caravans, skirmishes, investigations, and all the politics you can muster from parlay to melee.

I'm incapable of watering down my anticipation for this one.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance launches in less than two weeks, on February 13.