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Haters gonna hate, but Madden 18 predicts Pats 6th Super Bowl win

by: Kevin -
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Whether or not you believe in the Spygate and Deflategate conspiracies that the New England Patriots are labeled with, there still is one constant in the NFL - They win games.

Madden NFL 18 agrees.

The game's latest prediction shows the Patriots winning a close 24-20 game over the Eagles - with a defensive stand in the 4th quarter and Brady walking away with another MVP trophy. Madden's Super Bowl predictions aren't just a passing fancy as well. The games have successfully predicted the winners 10 of 14 (72%) times with some ridiculously close statistics to real life happenings. Most people will surely be annoyed with this prediction since the Pats may be the least liked favorite in Super Bowl history, but with the GOAT at the helm, it is difficult to see Madden's prediction falling short.

"Capitalizing on the momentum the Eagles marched upfield, using masterful clock management to put themselves in position to dethrone the Patriots in dramatic fashion. As time expired Foles lofted a desperate pass to Jeffery, hoping the veteran could use his size and physicality to come down with the ball and send the city of Philadelphia into euphoria. However, Patriots defensive back Stefon Gilmore had other plans, and rose as the hero of the moment, knocking the ball away and sealing the Patriots sixth championship."

Madden NFL 18 GOAT Super Bowl Edition is currently on sale for $19.80 for XBox One and $17.99 for PS4. XBox One is also offering a free trial.

Can't think of a easier way to de-throne the Champs.


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