PlayStation Plus games announced for February

by: Eric -
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In a post on the PlayStation Blog today, Sony dropped February's list of free games for PlayStation Plus members today.

PlayStation 4 owners get the cult-favorite original Knack game, and Tequila Works’ 2017 adventure title RiME. But of most interest to me is Grand Kingdom, one of the PS Vita releases, which PS4 owners will receive as the result of the awesome cross-buy feature. The 2016 Atlus tactical RPG currently has a 76 on Metacritic, with critics praising its deep, complex gameplay as well as the high level of character customization.

PlayStation 4 players should always keep an eye on the Vita titles, as they are often cross-buy, but the PS4 store does not feature them in the monthly PS Plus feature. Searching for the title in the PlayStation Store search field should allow players to add the title to their library. It should also be noted that while Grand Kingdom is cross-buy, it is not cross-save, so you will not be able to port your save file between versions.

Here’s the full list for all platforms:

  • Knack, PS4
  • RiME, PS4
  • Spelunker HD, PS3
  • Mugen Souls Z, PS3
  • Exiles End, PS Vita
  • Grand Kingdom, PS Vita (Also available on PS4)

PlayStation VR owners should also be aware that they have one more month to grab a free copy of StarBlood Arena, which is one of my favorite PS VR titles. VR’s answer to Overwatch (but in spaceships!), StarBlood is well worth the time to check out.