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Friday the 13th: The Game gets a new Jason and a new map

by: Nathan -
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Friday the 13th: The Game is getting a new update today and is bringing with it the long awaited Part 5 Jason along with the Pinehurst Youth Development Center, a location from Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning. 

There was also a change with item spawns throughout the map including less pocket knives and heavy weapons. 

  • Pocket knives will be far less available throughout the camp, though special visitors will still be allowed to bring a personal pocket knife.
  • We have limited access to some pieces of hardware that can be used as weaponry, including an abundance of machetes and wrenches, that have later been found left around the camp. – These items will still be at the camp, but there will be less available.
  • Special note: Due to the abandonment of expensive medical inventory – Med Sprays - all over the grounds, we have been forced to reduce the amount available.

After this, there is only one more Jason that needs to be added to the game and that is Uber Jason from Jason X.

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