Pop-up Pilgrims bringing 2D to PSVR in February

by: Rob -
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Indie studio Dakko Dakko are making their PSVR debut with Pop-up Pilgrims, a 2D platformer plunked into the immersive 3D world of VR. Maybe I should just let the studio describe it: "In Pop-Up Pilgrims, players guide a group of devoted followers across colorful pop-up islands - uniquely presented as 2D platforms in a wraparound 3D space. More than 50 layered stages curve around the player as the pilgrims jump from platform to platform in an effort to reclaim their beloved deity’s stolen source of power." 

I think it's an interesting concept, a bit of breaking the 4th wall, or perhaps breaking the 2D wall by introducing the game concepts into 3D space and wrapping it up in VR for total immersion. I'm still not entirely sure whether Dakko Dakko can pull it off but thankfully we won't have to wait long to find out. Pop-up Pilgrims releases in a little over 2 weeks, on February 13th. You can learn more on the official website or read about some of the design decisions on the Playstation blog.