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Looking at this Star Citizen alpha 3.0 video will make you want to spend money—but don't

by: Randy -
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Either you know what Star Citizen is about or you don't. If you don't, then this video may very well blow your mind. Because Chris Roberts, maker of the venerable Wing Commander series, has employed people that make very nice videos about Star Citizen. The game engine, while incredibly choppy for most players, is unarguably gorgeous. Ain't no arguing that point. The ships are beautiful. Your armor is beautiful. Space is beautiful. If you'd like a tech demo that lets you walk around a beautiful, buggy, in-progress universe, then Star Citizen will take your money. If you want an actual video game more than a wallpaper maker, then you'll have to wait like the rest of us.

There are "modules" to play with, however. The Arena Commander module sets up single- and multiplayer ship dogfighting. The Murray Cup module lets you race the clock, or other players, in the atmosphere. The Star Marine module handles some multiplayer FPS combat. The Hangar Module module lets you walk around and screw around with your ship. The Crusader module brings that all together in a mini-persistent universe...a "universe" that spans the planet Crusader and its surrounding moons. There are space stations, asteroids, and other points of interest that the other players are flying around. Feel free to cooperate with or shoot the other players as you see fit.

This video celebrates the launch of Star Citizen alpha 3.0. 

Development for Star Citizen began in 2011. It originally planned a 2014 release. Significant production delays and gameplay expansion have pushed back the final release indefinitely. Pretty video, though. John Yan vehemently talked me out of a purchase at Christmas time. It's the closest I've seen him come to yelling in the Slack channel. Oh well. We'll check back in with Star Citizen in 2020 or so. Or 2024. Whenever Alpha 4.0 hits. 

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