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World of Tanks is going VR

by: Nicholas -
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MMO World of Tanks is about to go VR, thanks to the formation of Neurogaming, courtesy of parent company Wargaming. 

Neurogaming currently has 75 total employees at its locations in Cyprus and Moscow, but is planning on expanding to Europe and the United States. Slava Makarov, creator of World of Tanks and now the Strategic Adviser at Neurogaming, stated "our biggest aim is to change the experience from one-time involvement to a long-term engaging story with co-op and competitive elements".

Although no images or videos have so far been released of what World of Tanks VR is going to look like, it sounds like the developers have a clear mindset and even clearer goals. 

Funny enough, the World of Tanks North America YouTube channel has a VR tour that goes inside the first tanks seen on the battlefield. Enjoy.

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