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Age of Conan's Saga of Zath lasts from now till May 15th

by: Nicholas -
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The MMO Age of Conan (the older one) has launched a new server in honor of its tenth anniversary, lasting for about the next five months. Called the Saga of Zath, this server finds player-characters marooned on an island, bereft of any armor or weapons, in order to complete quests and earn rewards, to be transferred back to the main game after the server ends its run. 

In a press release statement, developers said that they wanted to give veteran players a fresh start and give "new players the opportunity to start on equal footing with everyone else". 

The server packs plenty of challenging raid bosses that, upon beating them, will offer plenty of reward to the players. Players are also awarded in intervals for reaching levels 20, 50 and 80. 

In a handy video explaining the Saga of Zath, lead designer John Devers states that the team would like to do more server events like this in the future. Good news for anyone wanting to dive in. 

Age of Conan can be downloaded here. The Saga of Zath server activates today. 

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