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Aperion Cyberstorm brings multiplayer twin-stick action to Switch on Feb 8th

by: Eric -
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Today is the day that I bring you cool looking game trailers with bright neon visuals and pulsing techno soundtracks. It’s no problem, really. My pleasure.

Bristol, UK based indie developer aPriori Digital dropped a trailer today for their new twin-stick shooter Aperion Cyberstorm, and the game looks as though it contains all sorts of awesome multiplayer chaos.

In development since 2013, Aperion Cyberstorm started development as a Wii U title. The Wii U version is still releasing simultaneously with the Switch version, along with a version on Steam. The dev team pushed out the release date several times - seemingly at great expense – in order to deliver a product they were proud of.

Check out the list of features in the final game:

Three modes of play: Campaign; Onslaught; and Versus

  • 1-5 player support in all modes
  • Campaign mode with ships, abilities, elements, and several difficulty levels to select/unlock
  • Onslaught mode with 16 maps of brutal challenge, with enemy compositions specific to each map
  • 16 maps in Versus, with a further 16 to unlock through play across all modes
  • Optional AI players in Versus mode for constant five player battles
  • Reverse controls, auto-activation of weapons and abilities, and scalable text for readability

Aperion Cyberstorm releases on all three platforms on Feb 8th, with an Xbox One version to follow later in 2018.


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