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From Other Suns - free weekend at the Oculus store

by: Dave -
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Sometimes you just get lucky. Kind of on a whim, I stopped by the Oculus store ti browse through the multitudinous games I can't/won't buy. Much to my surprise, I found a Free Weekend title that was going to unlock in just 3 minutes. It me all of three seconds to start the download of From Other Suns, even though I knew absolutely nothing about it other than a quick description on the store page.

And that, folks, is how I found myself on the bridge of a starship trying to figure out which part of the other ship nearby I should aim at. You know, to kill him before he could kill us. Space can be that way.

That was the end of the tutorial and I have yet to enter into an actual mission, but the tutorial itself guarantees that I soon will. Early impressions are of a full VR and somewhat shallower Elite: Dangerous but with a lot more motion and some shooting, too. Aesthetically it's pretty barren, though, at least to the extent that I've seen in the admittedly brief period I played with it.

It looks pretty good, so you probably ought to head on over to the Oculus Store to give it a try.

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