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Highly anticipated Switch title Ambition of the Slimes now available for $4.99

by: Eric -
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After topping many “Most Anticipated Games of 2018” lists, Ambition of the Slimes has arrived on Nintendo Switch, and is now available for $4.99.

Just kidding about the lists, of course. But, I must admit that I am intrigued by anything named “Ambition of the Slimes”. Developed by Flyhigh Works, Ambition is a tactical/grid-based RPG, featuring the lowliest of all RPG villians – the slime- as the heroes of the story. Judging by the trailer, different colored slimes have different battle abilities, including the ability “Claim”. With this disgusting sounding ability, slimes thrust themselves into enemies’ mouths, taking control of their bodies for the duration of the battle.

All joking aside, I love the 16-bit look and feel in this trailer, and the music is just what the doctor ordered for a game like this. I love Final Fantasy Tactics and Vandal Hearts and other tactical games of this ilk, so I am 100% buying Ambition of the Slimes.  In fact, it will now become my official second Switch game ever, right after Golf Story.

Come on, folks!  It’s called Ambition of the Slimes! It’s five bucks! This game looks awesome! Get on board!

Is anyone with me?  Anyone? Anyone?

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