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Forza 7 giving away a free car in January, and it's a what??

by: Kevin -
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Forza Motorsport 7 has already launched car packs and should be putting another out soon, but they have just leaked a special free car giveaway for Jan 16th. Probably the new 1200hp Bugatti Chiron, right!? Nope. Maybe the "self-healing" Lamborghini Terzo Mellennio? Naaaah. Well, what could it be then? The super-colossal, other-worldly, 155mph, Hyundai. A Hyundai. O..K.

Well, truth be told, this isn't a 100hp Hyundai Elantra from the 1980's. This is the new 275hp Hyundai Veloster N. This will NOT be the car of most people's fantasies, but what it IS could be a great addition to the game's sport hatchback categories. The little coupe should get to 60 in roughly 5.5 seconds and to 100 in a tick over 14. These are fairly brisk and would easily run with the Civic Si, and Focus ST. More importantly it is a heck of a real-life sales pitch to the 16-25 year old players who might be looking for a new hot hatch. The sporty Veloster N will likely be priced in the $25-$30k range - around $8k less than a Civic R and Golf R.

The download will be available January 16th and will include the new Veloster N, and the slightly less potent Veloster Turbo.