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Hardcore PC gamers.... your mouse has arrived

by: Kevin -
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SteelSeries has just unveiled a gamer's dream come true in the Rival 600. This dual-sensored mouse has the technology of a powerful TrueMove3 sensor followed by a second sensor that picks up lift-off distance for extreme accuracy and performance. This means the combo of the lowest lift-off distance on the market, while reducing jitter and lag to almost nothing.

The Rival 600 "Features customizable weight and balance options for up to 256 different combinations. Unlike most other weighted mice that feature weights that stack in one location of the mouse, the Rival 600’s weights are placed in the sides. This allows gamers to adjust the weight throughout the body of the mouse, so they can balance the mouse’s center of gravity to their grip and gameplay style. The Rival 600 weighs just 96g without weights and comes with eight included 4g weights."

The Rival 600 is available through and for just $79.99, and for the harcore PC gamer?... there is just no substitute.

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