Awesome music and adorable gurgling fox-things in Fe, coming February 16th

by: Eric -
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EA announced yesterday that the EA Originals title Fe will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Switch on February 16th. EA has pretty much been put on notice by the gaming community for their abusive microtransaction policies, but I can’t really imagine that this title will have to deal with much of that baggage. This game was developed by Swedish studio Zoink Games, and is an open world platformer. Good luck selling loot crates for the forest creatures that inhabit Fe’s beautiful mystical setting, EA.

The plot of Fe involves forest creatures exploring nature through a variety of means (running, gliding, digging, jumping, etc.) to rescue plants and other animals from evil machines that are threatening their habitat. The world is full of discoveries and surprises, slowly unfolding to reveal secrets as the player explores further.

I don’t mind admitting, I was kind of underwhelmed by this trailer the first time I watched it with the sound turned off. The visuals are beautiful, but I thought that the game looked like just another platformer. However, when I watched it again with the audio turned on, the whole thing clicked for me. The cute little gurgling vocalizations of the fox character, mixed with the incredible musical accompaniment completely sold me on Fe.

I dug around online until I was able to find the original tune used in this trailer, which I am posting below for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!


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