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Darkest Dungeon coming to the Nintendo Switch on January 18th

by: John -
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A few months ago, it was announced that Darkest Dungeon would be hitting the Nintendo Switch. Today, we get the release date and a few other tidbits.

As detailed by the website, the game and two DLCs will be available for purchase in eight days. The main game itself will be on sale for $24.99. The Crimson Court can be had for $9.99 and The Shieldbreaker will be $3.99. The Color of Madness will be coming, but no price or date has been decided upon.

Yes, the game will support touch so you can play the game on the go with the touchscreen. We have a few folks on the staff who are fans of the game and for those who want to play it on Nintendo's latest console, your wish will be coming true in a little over a week.

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