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Check out SMITE's last god before Season 5 launches, Cerberus

by: Nathan -
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Season 4 of SMITE has come to an end, but Season 5 will be kicking off within the next month and Hi-Rez sent Season 4 out with a brand new God, Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld. Cerberus is a Guardian from the Greek Pantheon and has a unique passive that acts as anti-heal against the enemy. His Ultimate ability also looks like you are gonna need to be buying some beads immediately as he pops enemies in the air and then decides where they are going to land. 

That passive is fantastic. For someone that play a lot of Assault, getting Cerberus is going to be so satisfying knowing that you have built in anti-heal abilities if the other team gets someone like Ra, Hel or Sylvanus. 

Check out his reveal trailer below.


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