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Year end PlayStation Store charts have dropped

by: Eric -
More On: Friday The 13th: The Game

Hey everyone, it’s super-fun-chart time! The 2017 year-end sales charts for the PlayStation Store have dropped, and while there are a lot of expected results, there are a few surprises tucked in there. It is important to note that these charts reflect total number of units sold, not revenue.

The top selling game on PS4 was Call of Duty: WWII, with the number two game being Destiny 2. No surprises there. But the big story is the number three game, Friday the 13th: The Game. Released on May 26th, Friday the 13th was originally derided by critics as something of a hot mess, with players unable to access matches and getting randomly booted from the game. Apparently, the devs got their act together, because Friday the 13th outsold Horizon Zero Dawn, NBA 2K18, and Madden NFL 18.

The top PS VR game was Job Simulator, followed by Superhot VR in the number two slot. Coming in at number six was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, with only about a month of sales. Down at a lowly number nine was my beloved Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, even though it spent three months as a free download.

Interestingly, though the official charts include Vita games (God of War: Collection was number one, for the record), the PS3 chart has been completely dropped. I think it might be time to start snagging any leftover PS3 games from the PlayStation Store that you might want to own in the long run, because the time left on the PS3 clock is ticking down.

For the complete charts, see the PlayStation Blog, but here are the PS4 Top Ten:

PS4 Games
1 Call of Duty: WWII
2 Destiny 2
3 Friday the 13th: The Game
4 Horizon Zero Dawn
5 Grand Theft Auto V
6 NBA 2K18
7 Rocket League
8 Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
9 Madden NFL 18
10 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands


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