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BenQ to bring 240Hz gaming to 27” screens

by: Rob -
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BenQ already has a 24” screen on the market supporting similar specs, the Zowie XL2540. Now it’s time to stretch that tech three more inches with the 27” Zowie XL2740. Each features a 240 Hz refresh rate for a corresponding possibility of 240 fps in glorious 1920x1080 HD and a host of other gaming features such as side panels, “shields,” to block out peripheral distractions; a Black eQualizer to illuminate dark corners of the map; color variance and other settings to adjust, and a built in switch to quickly swap between presets. 

There are is a ton of gear out there to give you the “edge” in your online gaming from mouse and keyboard combos to silly eyewear. Most of it, for me, oscillates between the extravagant and the useless. But a good monitor does make a difference, so I might pause my natural skepticism for a beat on this one. 

More info about the Zowie line of products by BenQ can be found on their website. I haven’t seen definitive word on the 2740’s availability or pricing just now, but the 2540 is available and is found around $500.


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