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NJPW coming to Fire Pro Wrestling World later this year

by: Nathan -
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Fire Pro Wrestling World was released last year and as expected, it's a fantastic wrestling game just like its predecessors. The game has also been getting updates over time and has left early access but we haven't had any word about the PS4 version. 

Well the biggest event of the year for New Japan Pro Wrestling, Wrestle Kingdom is tomorrow and they made a special announcement about the PS4 version of Fire Pro. NJPW has announced that many of their wrestlers will be apart of the roster when Fire Pro Wrestling World launches on Playstation 4 later this year. The Steam version of the game will also get an update but we don't know when that will be. Other updates coming in the future include a management mode which lets you manage your own wrestling companies, book matches, sign television deals, hire and fire talent, set ticket prices and more. There will also be a story mode in the future as well. 

No official word on a release date except that they said it will be released in time for one of New Japan's major events of the year, the G1 Climax, so I would guess the game would be released sometime between June and July. 

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