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A demo for a new Mega Man fan game is now available

by: Russell -
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With Mega Man 11 coming out next year, it's nice to see Capcom hasn't quite forgotten about the Blue Bomber. The fans definitely haven't forgotten about him as we've seen a lot of fan games over the past several years, including some really good ones such as Mega Man Unlimited and Mega Man Rock Force. Well somehow I missed that a demo for a new fan game called Mega Man Beyond dropped two weeks ago and only found out due to browsing the Mega Man sub-reddit for the first time in a while. I checked out the demo and it's pretty good so far.  Granted I'm not an expert in level-critiquing, so my only gauge in how good it is is how much fun I had with it.

There are two available robot master stages to play through (plus the robot masters themselves to fight), plus one final boss that ends the demo. You can play as Mega Man, Proto Man, or Bass, and each has their own versions of the robot master weapons. If you get stuck you can hit a button on the weapon select screen to unlock all weapons for Mega Man and several for Proto Man and Bass. I made a video where I ran through the demo and gave my thoughts on it that you can check out here, plus you can see the reveal trailer below. If you're a Mega Man fan, I'd say definitely check out the demo.

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