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World of Warships running live event, the Battle of North Cape

by: Rob -
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On now and running through January 17th, the Battle of North Cape is a historically inspired event in World of Warships offering up the British Royal Navy's Duke of York battleship as a reward. Other warships will also be available for the campaign, but the Duke of York is the prize at the end of the 5 missions. Once the legendary vessel is unlocked, securing the first victory at its helm will then open a while new set of campaign missions which will unlock a set of five researchable Tier IV warships (regardless of the player's tech tree) and camo for each. Those ships:

  • Ernst Gaede (German destroyer)
  • La Galissonnière (French cruiser)
  • Queen Elizabeth (British battleship)
  • Fushun (Pan-Asian destroyer)
  • New Mexico (US battleship)

All that's well and good but what really caught my eye from the press release was this:

"World of Warships is also injecting some more holiday spirit into the game with the return of Secret Santa. Proving extremely popular with the community last year, players can become a Santa, gifting in-game items to a friend or even a random player."

Secret Santa! Hah! Brilliant. Wish more games did something like that. 

World of Warships is a free to play game from the makers of World of Tanks and Total War: Arena. More info on the Secret Santa, the Battle for North Cape, and the game in general can be found on the official site.


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