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Railway Empire pulling into the PlayStation - get it? Train? Station?

by: Dave -
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Yeah, okay, I'm trying too hard on the headlines. 

The news here, of course, is the announcement that Railway Empire, a tycoon-style game that presents us with the opportunity to learn whether or not we too could have become multi-zillionaires in the late nineteenth century when railroad expansion was sweeping the nation, will be available for the PS4.

The era of transcontinental railroad development was a cutthroat competitive environment and the stakes were very high - dirty tricks, corporate espionage, and riding roughshod over the rights of the men put to work laying steel tracks through inhospitable terrain and weather for a mere dollar in pay for each backbreaking day could lead the top dogs to levels of personal wealth never seen before in this country. Many would-be titans of industry failed, but some reached stratospheric levels of wealth and power. 

Railway Empire is your turn at the helm to see it you too have what it takes/took to be one of the winners. 

Railway Empire is set to launch across North America for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One on January 30, 2018 following its worldwide launch for Steam on January 26, 2018. Look for a preview of the PC version here in the near future.

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